Butter-fly (tri. version), Kōji Wada

Butter-fly keeps popping up in my head lately and I’ve always wanted to spend some time trying to figure out what it really was. Even though I’ve learnt some Japanese, at the back of my mind it’s still the gibberish my cousins and I used to sing when it came on the television. Except for the part that went “on my love”. That was when we all knew what we were doing.

This song just gives me the feels every time it comes on and reminds me of my childhood heaps. The tri. version only differs from the original in terms of musical arrangements but I love how they’ve given it a modern feel without taking too much from the original sound. I’m sure the translations out there have gone through many edits, but I thought I’d try putting my own out there and giving a slightly different take on things.

Well, that’s enough rambling so here it is, my translation of Butter-fly!

Song Title: Butter-fly
Music: Ikō Chiwata
Arrangements: Cher Watanabe

Vocals: Kōji Wada

頼りない翼でも きっと飛べるさ
On My Love

Even though this image tends to stay
Even if these wings are unreliable, I’m sure that they’ll fly
On My Love

ゴキゲンな蝶になって きらめく風に乗って
今すぐ キミに会いに行こう
余計な事なんて 忘れた方がマシさ
これ以上 シャレてる時間はない

I’ll be a spirited butterfly and ride this sparkling wind
And go right now to meet you
It’s better not to think about unnecessary things
From now on there’ll be no time to act cool

何が wow wow~ この空に届くのだろう
だけど wow wow~ 明日の予定もわからない

I wonder wow wow~ will I be able to reach the sky?
But wow wow~ I don’t even know what my plans for tomorrow are

無限大な夢のあとの 何もない世の中じゃ
そうさ愛しい 想いも負けそうになるけど
頼りない翼でも きっと飛べるさ
On My Love

At the end of this unlimited dream is the real world which contains nothing
That’s right, my love, it seems my feelings might lose but
Even though this image tends to stay
Even if these wings are unreliable, I’m sure that they’ll fly
On my love

ウカレタ蝶になって 一途な風に乗って
どこまでも キミに会いに行こう
曖昧な言葉って 意外に便利だって
叫んでる ヒットソング聴きながら

I’ll be a merry butterfly and ride on this earnest wind
Wherever you are, I’ll go to see you
These words I can’t make out are surprisingly convenient
I can simply scream out while listening to this hit song

何が wow wow~ この街に響くのだろう
だけど wow wow~ 期待してても仕方ない

I wonder wow wow~ if it will echo through this city
But wow wow~ even if I have my hopes up I can’t do anything about it

無限大な夢のあとの やるせない世の中じゃ
そうさ常識 ハズレも悪くはないから
ぎこちない翼でも きっと飛べるさ
On My Love

At the end of this unlimited dream is the disconsolate real world
That’s right, common sense, there’s nothing wrong with disappointment
Having been dyed by this image that seems to stay
Even if the movement of these wings feel unnatural, I’m sure they’ll fly
On My Love

無限大な夢のあとの 何もない世の中じゃ
そうさ愛しい 想いも負けそうになるけど
頼りない翼でも きっと飛べるさ
Oh Yeah~

At the end of this unlimited dream is the real world which contains nothing
That’s right, my love, it seems my feelings might lose but
Even though this image tends to stay
Even if these wings are unreliable, I’m sure that they’ll fly
Oh Yeah~

無限大な夢のあとの やるせない世の中じゃ
そうさ常識 ハズレも悪くはないから
ぎこちない翼でも きっと飛べるさ
On My Love

At the end of this unlimited dream is the disconsolate real world
That’s right, common sense, there’s nothing wrong with disappointment
Having been dyed by this image that seems to stay
Even if the movement of these wings feel unnatural, I’m sure they’ll fly
On My Love

Japanese lyrics re-typed from: http://www.kasi-time.com/item-77750.html

Please credit and let me know if you’ve used my translation anywhere. Thank you!


Late Night Musings: Life is just an Otome Game

I used to think that it would be nice to get married young; find a boyfriend, get married around 24~25ish. Then I got a bit older and the older I get, the more I think, “Meh, it doesn’t matter that much.”

One thing I would like to keep believing is that maybe ‘the one’ is somewhere out there. I just need to look out and wait for him. However, people always tell me there’s no such thing as ‘the one’ and that God has prepared many ‘the ones’, just that it depends on whether both of you say yes to each other.

Well if that’s true, I think I’d feel like I’m just playing some kind of Otome game where you’ve got a couple of guys to choose from. Depending on the type of person you are, you pick the characters you like and some might be easier to get a happy ending with than others. In which case, I just need to go through the characters until I can finally get one where I pick all the right responses. That’s kind of depressing in a sense and not really how I’d like to see my life.

Still, it would make sense as to why people date so much. Then what am I doing with my single life?

Lazy. I’m just lazy. It takes effort to go through an otome game too you know? But the difference is that I don’t have to leave the house for one of them!

So cheers to singlehood. Happy much belated singles day.

Blessed Rest

This weekend I finally got the chance to take some time off and do literally whatever I wanted. I was on top of the world simply over the fact that I had the luxury of choosing to sit down to read a book – and I don’t like reading. I feel so alive. I wanted to scream, “FREEDOM!” while running out of ACJC after cell group ended today but people would probably have stared and thought I was a maniac. The weather was good and the haze cleared up so that was a sweet bonus to my day.

I think most people take the weekend to do some R&R, some shopping, maybe even catch a movie. We all have a choice when it comes to filling up our schedules but somehow I’ve decided to fill up my weekends with church activities. Band practice on Saturday morning, some meeting in the afternoon followed by cell group straight after. The next day it’s either serve in worship or some tacklecamp related activity, if for some reason they both happen the same weekend it’s teach in cell group for the youths and if I don’t have a meeting in the afternoon there’s either’s leaders training or prayer walk.

Phew. Typing that out was more exhausting than I thought. I never quite realised how much stuff I have on the weekends. I think I lost some of my joy in serving because I’ve been running around trying to do so many things. I always question how I used to go weekends in a row serving at Bridge last time and without tiring out. Then again, some of these activities like camp planning take up my weekdays as well and can be quite a headache.

For a long time, I’ve been secretly hoping for a weekend like this because there’s always some last minute meeting or someone needs to be replaced in the band. I must have lucked out because most people are having uni exams but also, I decided to say no always say no to drugs to replacing someone this week. For what it’s worth, I think I made the right decision to stay away from doing anything that required me to think too much or stress me out this weekend. For once, I don’t have an excuse not to do the things I’ve been putting off like, say, write a blog post?

I definitely have to manage my time better by consciously putting in effort to create such weekends. I have to remember that I’m not an extrovert so I really need my alone time and that I can’t be trying to do so many things all the time.

A Liebster Award!?



I got a nomination from Nic and Eustacia, two of my best blogger friends and friends in real life. I’m quite sure I blog a lot of rubbish and just randomly blurt out my thoughts most of the time but thank you for always encouraging me to write. I feel a bit more motivated whenever I get an e-mail notification saying you’ve written a new post and it’s a constant reminder to me that I should write more. Hopefully I’ll become a better writer over time.

Thank you also to whoever reads my blog, remembering I exist and tolerating my nonsense. If you still drop by to look at old song lyrics I’ve transcribed or even translated, I’m glad it’s been of some help.

The word “Liebster” is german for “dear” or “beloved”. Can’t say this is an extremely prestigious award or anything but I definitely feel dear at the moment.

I don’t have many friends who still blog so although Nic kindly said I don’t have to nominate people, I’ll start by sharing the blogs of my nominators:

Manga, my life – The blog of an otaku. Contains reviews of mangas, animes and experiences at conventions. Check it out if you’re into such things!

With Love from Japan, Eustacia – The personal blog of an international student in Japan. She has over 1200 followers and it’s no wonder – she writes so well!

Some other friends’ websites that are currently alive and well:

Dreaming Through the Noise – A personal blog but if you search for old posts, you’ll also find beauty product recommendations and even a post on how to make sunblock from one of the smartest perfumery students out there.

Light of Goshen – Well thought out and researched articles regarding Christian viewpoints on current issues. A good way to expand your knowledge and have a bit of a think over important national (Singapore) and global issues.

Treading Bravely – A personal and reflective blog that always goes back to God. Also some lovely photos as she is an excellent photographer and designer!

I might decide to give questions later but I don’t think it’s necessary especially since this is pretty chain letter like and won’t suit everyone’s blog.

Pretty excited about this because it’s a happy post. Now that all the formalities are out of the way, I can finally get started!

1. What kind of music do you listen to?

OPs/EDs of anime I’m into at the moment on replay (seriously loving “Sugar Song and Bitter Step” by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN). Love Honeyworks and hope that I’ll have a free day soon to just sit down and go through the various songs I haven’t heard and learn them.

2. Is there a certain trend to the kind/type of characters you like in a story? (looks, personality, background etc.?)

When I’m reading books, I usually like the catalysts or side characters, people who get things going in a story. On the other hand, in mangas or animes, about 80% of the time I like the blonde haired guy. Surely there is a certain personality that goes with such characters. The weird ones? It’s usually true as long as they’re not the proud ore-sama type.
Yeah, I’m probably the one who’s weird.

3. What other interests do you have besides what you write about on your blog?

I actually have a lot of interests because I get bored easily and like to switch between tasks. When I have free time I like to do voice stuff like sing, or try to create or imitate a character’s voice. Otherwise, I’m usually interested in just lazing in bed 😛

4. Have you been to any sort of theatre production/stage show before? If so, what was it/were they?

I was thinking, “Does from Eve to Mary count?” and realised Eustacia typed the exact same thing! Oh but now that I’m re-reading the question it says “been to”. I watched Chicago, Love Never Dies when it first came out in Melbourne, Wicked (which I would watch again!) and Les Miserables (another awesome one). There was also a local one in Singapore which I unfortunately don’t remember the title to because I went when I was quite young.
In university, I went for two productions by the Chinese Musical Group (CMG?) in separate years. Not as bad as I thought and they had subtitles which helped me a lot.

5. If you could choose one superpower to possess, what would it be and why?

I always thought it would be cool to time travel because you’d get to see what happened and actually be there for big events. So little time and so many things to do but now I’m getting lazier and lazier by the day and find myself wishing I could teleport from place to place. It didn’t seem too bad when I was in Melbourne but the weather in Singapore is terrible and the sun burns throughout the year so teleportation FTW!

6. Do you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert, or a mix in different situations?

I always thought that I could be a mix but now I’m certain that I am an introvert. I can be an “extrovert” if for work purposes or social events when I either have to help facilitate or have no choice but to talk to people but I find myself really tired when I have too many of such events in a row. Definitely need to recharge every now and then by quite literally having no contact with anyone.

7. What would your dream habitat be like?

My dream habitat would be far away from civilisation, some place with clean and fresh air. I would honestly love any place blessed with the frequent sound of heavy rain and doesn’t come with mosquitos. Rain always cools things down and makes me feel relaxed, helps me sleep, makes me feel safe for some reason.

8. Do you play/have an interest in any sports? If not, are there any specific sports you’d like to try?

I really enjoyed kendo with MUKEN and wish I could have kept going but I’m so unfit now I’m quite afraid to even try anything XD

9. One thing on your bucket list.

Get married, have kids, have fun as I go along. Is that ambitious enough?

10. Besides English, are there any other languages/dialects you’ve learnt/are fluent in? If not, what other languages would you like to learn?

English, Chinese, Japanese, I can understand some Hokkien but not enough to hold a conversation. I always wanted to learn Italian because it seems pretty. Ridiculous as this may be, I wanted to learn Czech for a while because my Great-great-great-grandmother was from Czechoslovakia. A passing thought was to learn Hebrew so that I could read the original Old Testament text so hopefully I’ll be convicted enough to do that some day.

11. Why do you blog

I’m quite an emo person and as whiny as I end up sounding most of the time, it helps me feel a little better getting it out there even if it doesn’t make sense yet. Penning down my thoughts helps me to think better and sometimes helps me realise how stupid I’m being – yes there have been worse things than what I’ve posted. Bet you thought I was already crazy enough didn’t you?

Jokes aside, I hope someday I can look through what I once wrote and believe that I’ve grown somewhat and become a better person. Someone with less problems or a least better able to handle my emotions and reactions to things.

More promises

Finally a not so depressing post! Just feeling a bit itchy to write lately though I haven’t really got anything concrete down.

I was just talking to my brother about how there are so many 3ds games I want to play but they don’t have an english version yet. Most of these are supposedly having releases in 2016 which is very generic so I was whining about how I have no idea which part of 2016 they’re talking about. Will I get to play these games mid next year? Do I still have more than a year to wait? I’m dying here!

But my brother pointed out that there’s actually not much more left to 2015 which was kinda weird to me because, well, it’s true.

It’s not the end of the year yet but looking back, I really feel like I’ve done a lot but also nothing. I’m having a hard time believing what’s happened in my life and how surreal everything seems. I never could have imagined getting myself all the way here.

Thing is, I probably didn’t really do much. Call me religious or whatever but I really do believe that it’s only because of God that I’ve gotten where I am today. I’m really surprised but also grateful for the fact that I’ve been able to trust in Him to provide everything He said He would to me more than a year ago. God certainly doesn’t go back on promises He makes and just thinking about it makes me want to cry because it’s so wonderful that there’s a God out there who would really care for me.

I didn’t want to come back to Singapore but I trusted Him when He said that He’ll give me a job and all as long as I went back. I took it relatively easy and was like, “Yeah, ok,” but who says that, right? I had to convince not just my parents but anyone else who asked me about my future plans. The more I talked about it the more ridiculous it seemed even though I had peace in my heart about it.

Once again this year, God has promised me more things though I’m pretty sure some are way ridiculous and it’s made me question, “Why me?” because surely I’m special but not THAT special. But having seen how God has worked in my life makes me think that I can trust in Him for these crazy promises too and I really hope I get to see them come to pass some day.

These roads may seem to lead us elsewhere, but someday they will meet again and we’ll have an eternity to be together.

This world doesn’t sleep; I can’t sleep

I’m up at 15 minutes to 3a.m. and honestly, I’m not sure what I’m doing. Maybe I actually do and what I’m really trying to figure out is how much I care.

Tonight, I should have had the best night of my life. I finally got to meet up with some close friends and have a totally awesome dinner but after getting back home, the pressure of work etc. starts to sink in and I realise something I thought was done isn’t quite there yet. Now I find myself staring at a word document I’m not too sure what to do with.

And now, I’m also realising that perhaps it is because I’m not a very honest person at all. I’m not the kind of person to let others know how I feel and here, it feels even more difficult to do so. So now, let me surprise the world a little and say that I’m so tired. Oddly enough, it’s ministry that’s making me so tired and sometimes I wanna quit. Even when I have a weekend “off”, I don’t feel rested. Sometimes, I can’t fall asleep at night and I wonder what’s wrong with me because just this time last year, I was doing perfectly fine. I think I once served five weekends in a row and could still be chipper at the end and feel like I could do more. Unfortunately, I want right now is to be a vegetable and not do anything.

Technically, I’m home but at the same time, it feels like I’m not. It’s been more than eight months since I came back and I should be settling into life by now but I’m not. It’s like a part of me is still back in Melbourne. I want to cry every time I click the podcast tab and see the title of exactly what I need to hear from the place I’m no longer at. I wonder why I’m here and not there, why God brought me back to this place. I do see the good happening but somehow it’s not enough and at such a ridiculous time in the middle of the night, I don’t know who to talk to.

I miss my housemate and just being able to talk out problems at 1a.m. I miss those $2 Taco Tuesdays with the girls I love and served with. I miss feeling real because all this feels like a nightmare sometimes. I feel like I have to be so much more grown up than I really am and my comfort perhaps, is knowing that my closest friends will be reading this long and nonsensical spiel of me speaking irrationally.

And the feeling of hopelessness regarding this world doesn’t seem to go away.

I sit here in my room
Spiralling myself into a darkness
Where my thoughts muddle up,
Become tangled around
And I can’t figure things out
But tomorrow I’ll awake an amnesiac
Not remembering a thing about yesterday
Going about as if life was okay

Because really, everything is quite okay.

26 Oct 2014 – But bless the Lord, O my soul

So totally upset now after being a bit too happy the whole day.

I feel like it would be so easy to blame God, say, “Why couldn’t you just let me be a teacher? Why say “No”, right after getting an awesome reply from the Ministry?”, “What do you want me to do?”, “Why get my hopes up and then let me feel so totally crushed?”

All I’ve done lately is cry. Cry because I have to go back. Cry because I realised I haven’t been spending enough time with God. Cry because studying is hard. Cry because I know deep down inside I could never blame Him.

But even so, bless the LORD O my soul, lean not on thy own understanding for you know not what the future has to hold.

In this time of need, I wait upon you LORD.

days by Jin ft. LiA – Mekakucity Actors ED Full Lyrics

Nuuu Azami *cries*

As usual, Jin’s lyrics are really sad and moving and translating them into English . I tried translating by phrases rather than lines to try and make more sense of things. May change a few things here and there after exams but otherwise, hope you guys like my TL of this song! Romaji is after the English TL. That should be 99% correct if not for the spacing between words so as long as you’re not fussy about that, I’m sure it will help in some way.

As usual, credit bekahLIME if you use them in anyway xx

Song title:「days」
Original Music & Lyrics by: じん
Sung by: LiA


time passed on
Trying to figure that out, I realised
that the far off sound of laughter
couldn’t be heard anywhere
and tears fell

If you’re saying this is the future, I’d rather
have let go of that unbearable yesterday
and in a place where no voices can be heard
I’d stay all alone
I know the tears of this decaying world
But even if I try counting the times they flowed irrationally
These days,
the meaning they bring
won’t be found

Time keeps going forward as it always does
such as when the hands of clocks had
stopped moving countless times

On days without smiles
even if I shut myself in
That day asked if
I realised something
through meaningless things
I don’t know if I can ever find out

Just stop it
It hurts, it hurts
It’s unbearable
So much so that my tears have dried up
So much so that they’ve disappeared

“If you’re saying this is the future, then
I should have just stayed where I was”
Even if I’d be crying alone
in a place where voices can’t be heard
This decaying world won’t
hug someone gently so
such days
I’ll throw them away
And I’ll curse the future and this world,
let go of that unbearable yesterday
and in a place where no voices can be heard
I’ll stay all alone

Somewhere, the decaying future quietly,
soundlessly and irrationally ended
and in my dreams,
the days I wished for
came to an end as if they were yesterday

Time kept passing
It kept going
without anyone realising


imi no nai mama de
jikan wa sugite
rikaishiyou toshite
tooku hanareta waraigoe ga mou
dokonimo kikoenai
namida ga ochiru

kore ga mirai dato iu nara isso
yarikirenai aus wo tebanashite
koe mo kikoenai basho ni
hitori de iyou
kureru sekai no namida wo shitte
afuredasu rifujin wo kazoetemo
konna hibi wo
okuru imi wa
kitto mitsukerarenai na

jikan wa susumi
tokei no hari wa tomaru no
onaji you ni nando mo

egao no nai hibi ni
tojikomotte mo
imi ga nai koto ni
kizuiterun deshou
ano hi tazuneta
kotoba no imi wa
mou shiru koto ga dekinai noni

mou yamete
itakute itakute
namida mo kareteshimau hodo ni
kieteshimau hodo ni

“Kore ga mirai da to iu nara, isso
anomama de itakatta” da nante
koe mo kikoenai basho de
hitori naite mo
kureru sekai wa dareka wo sotto
dakishimeru koto nante shinai kara
konna hibi wa

soshite mirai mo sekai mo norotte
yarikirenai ausu wo tebanashite
koe no kikoenai basho ni
hitori de iyou
kureru mirai ga dokoka de sotto
oto mo naku rifujin ni hateru no wo
yume no naka de
negau hibi ga
ashita owarimasu you ni

imi mo nai mama de
jikan wa sugita
dare mo
kizukanai mama









Updated 22 June 2012