Sometimes, one is simply inspired to write. Sometimes, one is not.

Given the number of articles, long or short, that I have to write for work, I wish I were more motivated. But in times of dryness, one simply stares at their laptop screen, longing only for words to magically appear. Eventually, swishing the keypad up and down. It is simply a way for me to satisfy my ADHD, it is a longing to be physically occupied. For my mental state seems so empty and devoid of understanding.

Click. Click. Click. Give me something to think. I need something to say, something to believe. At least in this moment, I must believe that this is worth something, that there is some meaning. The internet can be far more empty than you think. I sit and start questioning things that maybe I shouldn’t think. How pointless, how meaningless is my life worth living?

And so, fire away it does like a gatling gun. Tat-tat-tat-tat-tat. My thoughts transcend my mind, are born into reality, becoming an instant weapon. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. The sound of my keyboard, words dancing away. A dream, a song, yes this is what I’ve been fighting for. These words I’ve longed to say, they’re hidden no more.

I step back, proud of my masterpiece. Not bad for a mind gone mad. But no, I look up and see my enemy standing proud and unscathed. How can it be? Alas, 2AM too late and my mind wanders back to bed. The tale for tonight must end here, but perhaps I will win my battle tomorrow with a fresh mind instead.


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