EDIT (26/02/2017): Clearly, I don’t finish what I start

As much as I suck at writing and hate doing journalling (and will likely drop this eventually), I figure it’s about time I started publishing this. Today I finally realised how difficult the passages in the daily readings of the Trackers are and so as a challenge to myself and an encouragement to them, I shall SOAP as much as possible.

…I have to read the journals of my Trackers anyway so might as well be open about it. Vulnerability is welcome in this team, you know? Yada-yada and all that jazz.

Today’s passage was Amos 1-2. Ooh. Scary. Not because of Amos Yee, but to put it bluntly the start has been very dry; one of those minor prophet books no one ever preaches from. Plus, chapters 1-2 are accusations against Israel and all her surrounding nations. Yikes.

Amos starts out by accusing the other nations of their sins and states that fire will be sent down on their walls and fortresses. He then ‘ends’ his accusations by addressing the sins of his listeners, Israel. Interestingly enough, this accusation is longer than any of the single accusations given against other cities.

Sometimes we are quick to see the surmountable sins of others before looking at our own individual sin. While it may seem like everyone around us is full of guilt and we could be nodding at each accusation. That is, until it is our turn to receive judgement. Having been caught up in what others are doing, we fail to see our own flaws and how we should be acting rather than concerning ourselves with others’ affairs.

Dear God, thank you that you are willing to show me my flaws and what I’ve done wrong. Help me to put away my pride that I may not boast in how I am better than others, but to acknowledge that I am just as much a sinner as anyone else. Forgive me for my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me. All this I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.



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