This weekend I finally got the chance to take some time off and do literally whatever I wanted. I was on top of the world simply over the fact that I had the luxury of choosing to sit down to read a book – and I don’t like reading. I feel so alive. I wanted to scream, “FREEDOM!” while running out of ACJC after cell group ended today but people would probably have stared and thought I was a maniac. The weather was good and the haze cleared up so that was a sweet bonus to my day.

I think most people take the weekend to do some R&R, some shopping, maybe even catch a movie. We all have a choice when it comes to filling up our schedules but somehow I’ve decided to fill up my weekends with church activities. Band practice on Saturday morning, some meeting in the afternoon followed by cell group straight after. The next day it’s either serve in worship or some tacklecamp related activity, if for some reason they both happen the same weekend it’s teach in cell group for the youths and if I don’t have a meeting in the afternoon there’s either’s leaders training or prayer walk.

Phew. Typing that out was more exhausting than I thought. I never quite realised how much stuff I have on the weekends. I think I lost some of my joy in serving because I’ve been running around trying to do so many things. I always question how I used to go weekends in a row serving at Bridge last time and without tiring out. Then again, some of these activities like camp planning take up my weekdays as well and can be quite a headache.

For a long time, I’ve been secretly hoping for a weekend like this because there’s always some last minute meeting or someone needs to be replaced in the band. I must have lucked out because most people are having uni exams but also, I decided to say no always say no to drugs to replacing someone this week. For what it’s worth, I think I made the right decision to stay away from doing anything that required me to think too much or stress me out this weekend. For once, I don’t have an excuse not to do the things I’ve been putting off like, say, write a blog post?

I definitely have to manage my time better by consciously putting in effort to create such weekends. I have to remember that I’m not an extrovert so I really need my alone time and that I can’t be trying to do so many things all the time.


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