Finally a not so depressing post! Just feeling a bit itchy to write lately though I haven’t really got anything concrete down.

I was just talking to my brother about how there are so many 3ds games I want to play but they don’t have an english version yet. Most of these are supposedly having releases in 2016 which is very generic so I was whining about how I have no idea which part of 2016 they’re talking about. Will I get to play these games mid next year? Do I still have more than a year to wait? I’m dying here!

But my brother pointed out that there’s actually not much more left to 2015 which was kinda weird to me because, well, it’s true.

It’s not the end of the year yet but looking back, I really feel like I’ve done a lot but also nothing. I’m having a hard time believing what’s happened in my life and how surreal everything seems. I never could have imagined getting myself all the way here.

Thing is, I probably didn’t really do much. Call me religious or whatever but I really do believe that it’s only because of God that I’ve gotten where I am today. I’m really surprised but also grateful for the fact that I’ve been able to trust in Him to provide everything He said He would to me more than a year ago. God certainly doesn’t go back on promises He makes and just thinking about it makes me want to cry because it’s so wonderful that there’s a God out there who would really care for me.

I didn’t want to come back to Singapore but I trusted Him when He said that He’ll give me a job and all as long as I went back. I took it relatively easy and was like, “Yeah, ok,” but who says that, right? I had to convince not just my parents but anyone else who asked me about my future plans. The more I talked about it the more ridiculous it seemed even though I had peace in my heart about it.

Once again this year, God has promised me more things though I’m pretty sure some are way ridiculous and it’s made me question, “Why me?” because surely I’m special but not THAT special. But having seen how God has worked in my life makes me think that I can trust in Him for these crazy promises too and I really hope I get to see them come to pass some day.

These roads may seem to lead us elsewhere, but someday they will meet again and we’ll have an eternity to be together.


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